Thyroid & Adrenals: Subclinical Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto Disease & Adrenal Fatigue

The metabolism is often treated like a machine in the world of health and fitness. And because of this people wrongly believe the metabolism is static.

Have you ever heard someone say, "I had my basal metabolic rate measured and it's 2000 calories per day. So I am basing my diet and exercise program off of that?"

That is MAY not be a good idea in the long run because as soon as you change your diet and exercise program, guess what happens to your metabolism? That's right, it changes in response. In other words, your metabolic rate is not static but rather flexible. In fact it is changing all the time.


Two of the major organs responsible for the ability of the metabolism to adapt like this are the adrenal glands (two little glands that sit on top of each of your kidneys) and the thyroid gland (a butterfly shaped gland that sits slightly below and to either side of your Adam's apple). You can think of these two glands as your body's major metabolic engines. Almost like a jumbo jet liner with an engine over either wing.


Well, guess what happens if you lose power to one of those engines? That's right the other has to work much harder making it more likely it will lose power too.

In functional medicine we call the adrenals and thyroid "sentinel organs." Sentinel as in the sentinel guards patrolling a castle. When the castle gets attacked, which are the first defenders to get killed? Yep, the sentinel guards.


It is the same with you. When you are under stress, exposed to toxins, over exercised, under or over fed, sleep deprived or when your immune system is challenged, the adrenal and thyroid glands are the first organs to feel it and be negatively impacted.


And then you will suffer with mood issues (depression and/or anxiety), lethargy, brain fog, aches, pains, weight changes and metabolic damage.

Why we all struggle so much with weight loss

Research in weight loss has shown that, for many, whenever you eat less and exercise more your metabolism fights back against you by elevating hunger, sapping energy, increasing cravings and slowing your metabolic rate to a snails pace.


Much of that "metabolic slow down" happens due to changes in thyroid and adrenal function. And here is the really awful thing. These negative changes can take years to reverse if you don't know what you are doing.


And one of the major hidden sources of stress on the thyroid and adrenals are the very things the weight loss and diet world are telling you is good for you. Cut calories and run for hours every day and your adrenal glands may suffer. Cut carbs and crush yourself with metabolic workouts every day and your thyroid production can plummet.


And here is the biggest issue. What do you think happens when most people hit the wall due to over exercising and under eating?

  1. They either quit all together and go on a month long eating orgy and exercise hiatus or
  2. they double down and cut carbs or calories further while ramping up exercise. Both of these scenarios are EXACTLY THE WRONG THING TO DUE.

In scenario one you will blow up like a firkin helium balloon, and in scenario two you will get some short term results before the metabolic boomerang effect kicks in. Then you either gain weight, or have all results stop while you continue to feel like crap. Neither scenario is good.

The fix.

So you are probably wondering what's the fix? You ever been in one of those equally matched tug-o-war games as a kid? You pull and the other team pulls just as hard? You pull again and the other team responds in kind? That is very much like the battle you are having with your thyroid and adrenals.


So how do you win the impossible tug-o-war battle? You let go of the rope that's how. Then the other team goes falling helplessly to the ground. That is the first step to repairing your adrenal and thyroid function, healing metabolic damage and restoring your metabolic potential.


I call this the eat less, exercise less strategy or ELEL for short. You can't go from eating less and exercising more to eating more and exercising less that will just cause you to gain weight faster then you ever thought possible.


You also can't continue eating less and exercising more. That just causes more metabolic damage. And you certainly don't have the energy, motivation or desire to eat more and exercise more. So your only choice is to CHILL OUT!! Eat less, exercise less.


Once you do that, your metabolism can catch its breath and start devoting resources to wars recovery, repair and adaptation. That is impossible to do when you are running around like a chicken with its head cut off while living off air.


So how do you do that? Follow this simple formula I call the 3-2-1 plan.


For nutrition:


3 meals per day

2 meals mostly protein and vegetables

1 regular meal that includes a healthy full serving (or two) of starch. (do it at night and it may help with sleep).


And for exercise:

3 rest and recovery "workouts" per week (hot bath, sauna, massage, time with pets, laughter, restorative yoga, sex/cuddling, slow walking, spa time, etc.)

2 weight training workouts per week (to help not lose muscle)

1 hour or more of slow leisurely walking or all or most days (slow walking, as opposed to power walking, lowers stress hormones and is very restorative)


This is the most important step towards getting thyroid, adrenal and metabolic function back on line. Follow this approach for 1 to 3 months and you should be back on track.


Many will also require herbs and supplements that speed the process. Some of these include the adaptogenic herbs like rhodiola (ROAD_EE_OH_LA) and ashwagandha (OSH_WAH_GAN_DAH)…I know crazy weird names right?


And of course if you are already on thyroid medications or adrenal support you need to know how to evaluate and adjust to account for that. But the step above is the most critical.

Already dealing with thyroid/adrenal or think you are?

If you are like a lot of people you may already be curious about your thyroid and adrenals. Many people suspect they have issues but when they go see their docs they are told they don't. Or those on thyroid meds don't feel any better.


The problem is that your conventional doctor is not very good at dealing with low grade or sub-clinical thyroid and adrenal issues. They are only good when the thyroid and adrenals are completely fried. But you DO NOT want to weight that long.


You need to understand how to determine and address thyroid and adrenal issues as well as other metabolic issues like PCOS that are related.


That is why we created the Hypothyroid, Adrenal Fatigue and PCOS program. It is an A to Z program to restore metabolic function and teach you everything about thyroid, adrenal and PCOS.


I can honestly say this program is one of the most effective programs we have put together at Metabolic Effect. You may or may not remember but I deal with hypothyroid issues (from eating a horse trough full of soy protein back when I was a vegetarian L) So it is fair to say I know pretty much everything there is to know about thyroid and adrenal issues.


In fact, this program has been so successful I don't even take thyroid and adrenal clients in the clinic anymore. I simply refer them to this program first and 80% or more of people are able to resolve the issue on their own as a result of the education. Pretty crazy right.


And one other thing. Seriously, do me a favor. If you know anyone dealing with thyroid and adrenal issues, or if you are a health care provider or trainer who works with people with these issues, or if you yourself have no idea if you have adrenal issues, but you are fatigued, tired and have a sluggish metabolism…refer them to this program and get it for yourself.


You have my guarantee it will work for you or your money back

Talk soon, jade



I hope you learned something you can use today whether you get the program or not. Let me know what you think.



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