Metabolism and the Gut with Dr. Mary Pardee - Ep. 113

When we think about the significance of food for our overall health we almost immediately think about the type of food, right? This external source that goes into our body is relevant, but what if we also began analyzing what happens inside of the body? The immune system, digestive system, metabolism and gut health are all connected. In fact, even other systems and organs can be affected by the importance we give to the way we feed ourselves. The human body is a concise group of mechanisms working together and learning more about it is a ‘next level’ step towards our wellbeing.

In this episode, Dr. Jade welcomes Dr. Mary Pardee in a conversation all about metabolism and the gut. Dr. Mary explains the concept of microbiomes, probiotics, food sensitivity tests and supplements like digestive enzymes. You will also learn more about day to day actions that you can practice – such as 12-hour fasting – to improve gut health, mindset shifts involving mindful eating and fear around food, and the idea behind “Metabolic Rehab”.


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