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I derive my greatest sense of meaning in the world by teaching and inspiring through my writing.  I have been lucky enough to publish several books with some of the top publishers in the industry. I have now sold over one million books and programs and I would love to introduce you to these works. My humblest gratitude for your interest.

You Grow Me (2024)

When it comes to romance it is not love at first sight, it’s love at first story. And our love stories are all wrong. No one can, should, or will ever complete you. The most they can do is help you grow to your highest potential. That only happens when you open your mind to a new way of thinking about and being in relationships. This new philosophy will forever free you from the dysfunctional stories you have around romantic connections.


Next Level Metabolism (2022)

Your metabolism does not speak english, or Spanish or any other language. It speaks metabolism. If you want it to work, you'll need to learn how it communicates. If you want long-term success in attaining and maintaining a body that looks good, feels good, functions optimally and will live longer you must learn the art and science of metabolic mastery. Stop studying gurus, podcasts and documentaries and start studying yourself. It's not a diet. It's a manual on metabolism.


Human 365 (2019)

As human's we have 4 Jobs to do: Manage money, manage relationships, manage health & fitness and create purpose and meaning. These jobs are not taught in school and elude most people. Human 365 is a daily read designed to introduce you to the six POWERS of those who excel at these jobs & live lives most only dream about.


Next Level Tribe (2018)

The people in our lives determine the quality of our lives. This book is about learning to find new relationships, discard unhelpful ones and turn the important, but challenging ones, into our greatest friendships. NLT walks you through a mix of personal stories, psychology research and social frameworks that will enhance and inspire you long after reading.


Metabolic Renewal (2017):

This is a first-of-its-kind, female-specific and hormonally tailored diet, exercise and lifestyle program. It contains 16 guided video based workouts (three 15-minute workouts, three times per week) to be done over 12-weeks. Plus an in-depth, science-based manual on the unique attributes of the female metabolism. It teaches the 7-female hormone types (from normal, to estrogen dominant, to all three menopausal types). You also get meal plans, shopping guides, tracking plans and a bonus female belly fat book.


Metabolic Prime (2016):

This video workout is the sequel to the Metabolic Aftershock workout. This workout and diet program combines 12 weeks of video based workouts (three 15-minute workouts three times per week), with the cutting edge in individualized fat loss nutrition.


Lose Weight Here (2015):

The advanced tools and tactics that represent the last 25 years of research and experience in the weight loss world. My brother, Keoni, and I wrote this book to help the thousands of people who have been confused and lost in a sea of misinformation and want to get their metabolisms back. This book has been called “The last diet book you will ever read.”


Metabolic Aftershock (2014):

A stand-alone diet and exercise program sold and published through the Natural Health Sherpa. This video workout and book has sold close to 1 Million copies around the world. I believe its success comes from the novel workouts that can be done by anyone of any fitness ability. A complete 9-week program for fat loss. The results people achieve even surprise me. Keep in mind the publishers marketing is a little more high force than my own.


The Metabolic Effect Diet (2010):

Released in 2010 under the hardcover title The New ME Diet, this book launched the hormonal weight loss movement and Metabolic Effect. It remains my brother’s and my most popular diet book. It was recognized by Time Magazine as one of the Top 10 Notable Books of 2010.


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