Craving School

Have you ever been "on a diet"?

Most of us have. What happens?

It's Monday, the first day of the new week, and the first day of our new diet. We're excited about our new plan to get fit and slim.

We went grocery shopping, prepped our meals, and get all excited thinking about how thin and energized we are going to feel and look.

But then... After a few days, what happens?

Maybe your mood begins to shift? Maybe you become sick of chicken and broccoli, and cravings become unbearable? You're struggling after three days, how are you suppose to last 12-weeks? 

Forget it.. I'm getting a pizza. This is miserable.

Maybe some of us last a full week, maybe others stick with it for 5 or 6 weeks, maybe another handful last the entire "10-week program" or "whole 30" days. 

But then what? If you're like most people, you go back to your old ways, regain the weight, and then try again... and again... and again...

66% of dieters end up fatter after their diet than before they started. Why? Because they don’t understand the how and why behind cravings!

A New Approach

Now, let's say you take a different approach. Let's say you spend the time learning about the biochemistry of cravings, and understand that both hormones and behaviors play a role in cravings.

Let's say you learn how willpower really works. You discover the mental game of diet and exercise, and learn how to work smarter, not harder. You learn about the habits, psychology, and behavioral tendencies that distinguish successful people, from those who fail.

Now, instead of feeling as if you are climbing Mount Everest, it feels as if you're gliding through your new program, and weight is falling off.

This is the essence of Craving School.

How Cravings Really Work

The new science of what causes food cravings has accelerated at a rapid pace over the last several years. Despite this fact, the information is clouded under a sea of never ending fad programs and magical elixirs that don’t deal with the underlying problem.

Cravings are about the brain, not the foods you are eating, not magical supplements, not about exercising and not about restricting calories or carbs. In fact all these things can make the food craving problem worse not better.

This 12-week program delivers the cutting edge new science of how to change the brain to combat cravings. In it you will learn:

  • How brain chemistry works to contribute to, and in some people actually cause, food cravings.
  • How the brains natural tendency to build habits can be used to reset the behavioral aspects of cravings.
  • Exactly what it takes to change the brain at both the chemical and behavioral level.
  • Unique mindfulness tools to stop cravings before they start
  • To “hack habits”, changing bad habits from liabilities and turning them into permanent fat loss behaviors.
  • To develop iron clad self-control through learning the skills of change. Change willpower to “skillpower”
  • Discover how exposing yourself to more of the foods you love rather than avoiding them is the key to craving success.

Information is not transformation. You can know all there is to know about the best diet and exercise programs, but if you can’t do them they will not work. This program helps you transcend the struggles of the mind to eliminate cravings once and for all.

There is a HUGE difference between short term weight loss and sustained fat loss for life. To achieve the latter means you must understand the in-depth science of cravings. That's why we created Craving School.

Here's what you'll get in Craving School:

  • A 12-Week Program designed to build new habits (that last way past 12-weeks) to put your weight loss efforts on auto-pilot. 
  • 12 Key Lectures: These are the weekly lectures that make up the meat and potatoes of the program.
  • Metabolic Effect Mindset Protocols: Activities we use to help our clients discover their purpose, build inspiration, and discover their "Social MVPs." This includes the following trainings: Mindfulness, Visualization, Gratitude Training, Surfing The Urge, Compassion Training, Habit Hacking, Your Success Formula, and more!
  • 12 ebooks (one each week) that make up the daily activities and lessons within each week
  • 20 Bonus Lectures from Dr. Jade's Vault: These are bonuses that were not previously included in Craving School. Learn nutrition hacks, lifestyle changes, and craving-busters used by Dr. Jade in his clinic
  • 6 Recorded Q&A Calls: These are pre-recorded Q&A calls with Dr. Jade from a previously live Craving School event. These will be tremendously helpful in answering your questions as you go through the program

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