The Testosterone And Erection Program

All men will deal with declining testosterone at some point in their lives, and in today’s world, even men in their twenties are dealing with low Testosterone.  Along with these changes, or as a result of other factors, erection issues may also begin to surface.

In this course by Dr. Jade Teta, you will get the science, tools and lifestyle changes needed to manage low testosterone & erections.

Here is what you will learn:

  1. What are the symptoms of low testosterone?
  2. How do you know if you are struggling with low testosterone?
  3. What tests should you get?
  4. What nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle factors can hurt and help your testosterone levels?
  5. How testosterone therapy works, and everything you need to know regarding TRT, prescriptions, & supplements
  6. How to deal with performance and erections issues that come with low T or as a result of other factors
  7. And more...........

This course covers the exact frameworks, methodologies and treatment protocols Dr. Jade uses in his clinical practice.

Upon Registration You Get:

  1. Immediate access to the 5 core modules (13 video lectures)
  2. The resources & protocols Dr. Jade uses with his patients
  3. The program notes
  4. Information regarding labs, tests, and supplements
  5. And more........

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