Swimsuit Diet

The “anti-diet” approach to burning stubborn fat

(including cellulite, saddle bags, and love handles)

What if everything you’ve ever been told about losing weight, especially in your stubborn fat areas was wrong?

What if the things that have been drilled into you by the health magazines, fitness shows, TV news and blogosphere were the exact wrong advice?

Dr. Jade Teta

My name is Dr. Jade Teta and I have been working in the health and fitness field since the late 1980’s. I also spent 4 years earning a biochemistry degree just so I could understand the ins and outs of human metabolism.

I then went on to earn a doctorate degree in natural medicine. I have 25 years experience as a personal trainer, 10 plus years in integrative medicine and have worked with tens of thousands of people, in person at my clinic and online, to help them burn fat and get fit.

Here is what I have learned with all that experience. Dieting, the way you are currently doing it, doesn’t work and may actually be making you more likely to stay fat. It is also a contributor to, if not the direct cause of, your inability to burn the stubborn fat around your hips, butt, thighs and belly. Yes, even cellulite can be a major outcome of following this bad advice.

In other words, your quest to get the swimsuit body you dream about is futile using traditional diet advice.

Now, I know all of this may sound a little unbelievable at first, but stick around and I will explain exactly why.

Here is what is happening…

A day in the life

You wake up in the morning, slowly get out of bed and sleepily make your way to the bathroom. You turn on the light, take off your clothes and take a look at yourself in the mirror.

You have been dieting now for 2 weeks. You thought you might be seeing some small changes, but after last night’s “diet deviation”, you swear your hips butt and thighs look bigger than ever.

They have always been your trouble spot, but in recent years their lack of response has become disheartening. You just want to look good in your bathing suit and have a body that reflects your effort! Why is it so hard!

pressure_to_be_thinYou look away quickly and go to get in the shower. You are now, once again, uncertain about whether to continue on this diet or not.

I mean, let’s face it. It sucks. You are eating like a bird, running every day and even doing these crazy cross training workouts at a new group exercise center down the street.

It is so frustrating! Sometimes you feel like you could scream!! You know you could stick to anything if you actually believed, or saw it working. It just never seems to change your body the way you envisioned.

The swimsuit body you want eludes you.

The dark ages of health and fitness

Let me explain the world you currently live in. You live in a world where health and fitness advice is in the dark ages. Seriously! New fangled workouts like extreme X90 and fad diets like the “gluten free, coffee & butter diet” are the norm.

These are just new variations on the same tired exercise and fitness advice people have been following since the 1960s, “eat less, exercise more.”

imagesHundreds of years of medical advancement and all doctors, trainers and nutritionist can tell you is “eat less” (whether it be fat, carbs or gluten does not matter) and “exercise more” (whether it be longer, harder or more often).

Whenever you look at your stubborn fat areas and realize they don’t change that much, even when you do manage to lose some weight, you think “something is seriously wrong here.”

And you’re right? Something is wrong. In fact, it is so wrong that when I reveal the problem you are likely going to be shocked. The solution is almost the exact opposite of what you have been told.

Two Tales Of Stubborn Fat

When I was a young personal trainer in medical school, low carb diets and “marathon weight loss programs” were all the rage. This was the late 90’s early 2000’s.

I had two clients. One was someone I worked with for a while. She trained with me once, sometimes two, times per week and was a competitive marathon runner. Let’s call her Ms. Fitness (Ms. F).

The other client was new to fitness. She signed up for twice per week sessions with me and had just started a marathon training weight loss program. Let’s call her Ms. Beginner (Ms. B).

Ms. F was fit. She looked great. Ms. B was not. She had a lot of fat to lose. Each of them had their “trouble area.” Ms F seemed to have a little fat around her love handles and belly she called “my running pooch.”

Ms. B was most concerned about her hip, butt and thigh area. She confessed her major goal for the running program, and working out with me, was to “get rid of my thunder thighs and cellulite.”

Now at the time I knew a lot about the latest exercise trends. I was fully on board with the low carb nutrition practice. I was not a huge fan of running and preferred short intense metabolic workouts, but believed the running and extra activity couldn’t hurt.

If you have extra time, why not burn some extra calories by running right?

Everything changed

Then something happened with Ms Fitness. She suffered a very bad leg injury. If I remember correctly, it was one of those high ankle sprains and she was sidelined from all activity for several weeks.

I didn’t see her for twenty days or so and then she came back into the gym. I remember a new woman coming in the gym and talking to me like she knew me. She Said, “Hey Jade. We need to go light today. It is my first day back.”

I had no idea who this person was. Then it hit me, it was Ms. F!! She had gained so much weight I did not recognize her. It was so shocking I almost blurted out “HOLY BLEEP!!”

I can honestly say I have never seen someone gain that much weight, mostly around the midsection, in that short of a time period in my entire life.

It was confusing and shocking to me. It was agonizing to Ms. F as well.

Here is the really upsetting thing. I am actually a little embarrassed to admit it, but we worked together for another 6 months, and I just could not get the weight off of her. Her newly gained weight was exceptionally stubborn and resistant to weight loss.

I can’t remember exactly how we parted, but I am sure she went looking for help somewhere else. Her metabolism’s stubborn resistance after her injury is something I will never forget.

But I would eventually figure out what happened and how to fix it…..

The second tale of stubborn fat

Meanwhile Ms. B went on training. She was inconsistent in her workouts with me, but she diligently adhered to her diet and was doing well on her running program. She was losing weight. I thought all was good.

Then one day she came in and told me, “Jade this is not working. I am losing weight but something is seriously wrong. My butt and legs have gotten bigger!! What the hell is going on!”

I knew this was not true because I measured her weight and inches around her chest, waist, arms, hips and legs every time she came in. She had lost weight and inches everywhere.

But when I took a closer look, what she was saying started making sense. She had lost several inches from her chest, arms and waist, but she lost barely anything in her hips and thighs. They were smaller, but not by much.

In reality her upper body lost weight so much faster, it created the illusion that her hips, butt and thigh region were bigger. They were not of course, but they certainly were not making the dramatic changes she wanted them to.

Rather then turning her pear shape into a swim suit ready body, she simply became a slightly smaller, yet more pronounced pear shape. NOT what she was looking for.

I had seen this same thing playout with apple shaped women too, and men with love handles. They would lose weight, but the stubborn zones burned so much more slowly than the rest of the body.

They never effectively changed their shape, and just became smaller more pronounced apple or pear shapes.

An accidental fix

Then I made some changes with Ms. B. She told me she was having a lot of cravings for carbohydrate rich foods. As a result, we increased her carb intake slightly. She was also starting to feel the effects of all the running on her joints, so we increased her weight training to match the volume of running she was doing.

This worked. She started to see more even fat loss. All of a sudden her stubborn fat was starting to disappear at rates equal to her upper body. She finally started seeing her swimsuit body appearing. Her main reason for doing all this in the first place.

If I am honest I did not know why this was working, I just new it was. It was not until later I figured out both Ms F’s and Ms B’s problems.


The Fruit Effect

Since my time working with Ms. F I have seen the issue she described play out again and again in both men and women. People would come in with a desire to change their shape. They wanted “swimsuit bodies.”

If they were a pear or apple shape to start with, their major hope was to lose the hips and/or belly and change that shape.

Whether they were aware of it or not, what they were after was the hourglass shape.

BMI-meResearch on health and attraction tells us that the hourglass shape for women, and the V-shape for men, are both the healthiest and most attractive body shapes.

In other words, a woman who can achieve an hourglass shape will be healthier. They will also be more attractive to others and themselves.

Same goes for men. If a man struggling with a belly and love handles can achieve the sought after V-taper, they become healthier and more attractive to people romantically interested in men. This is the shape that is the healthiest and most attractive based on research.

Isn’t that interesting? We humans actually have a built in attraction barometer. Women who are thinner and more hourglass shaped are deemed the most attractive by those romantically interested in women.

Men who are the more muscular and V-Shape are seen as more desirable by those romantically interested in men.

As you have learned, standard dieting does little to alter the shape of the body. That’s because it does not do a very good job at reaching stubborn fat. The typical result is the same, smaller, and more pronounced shape compared to the one you started with.

I have come to refer to this as the “fruit effect.” You start out as an apple shape, or pear shape, and you follow the standard dieting approach of eat less and exercise more.

You lose weight and get smaller. But since the stubborn areas around the hip, butt, love handles and thighs burns much more slowly than the rest of the body, you only accentuate the shape you were trying to change in the first place.

It is agonizing isn’t it? Take a look at the picture for an illustration of this concept. Sure, if you are very overweight any weight loss looks better. But becoming a smaller mushier pear shape is not what most people are looking for.

fatpeopleW copy


The good news is there is a way to lose weight, change your shape and get the swimsuit body you want. But before I tell you about that, let me tell you a little bit more about how I know this.

Who the hell is Jade Teta

Before I get into those reasons, you are probably wondering who I am? Well, take a high school jock turned health and fitness junkie and you understand how I got my start.

My career in personal training started when I was 15. I am not kidding. I used to write programs for the kids on my football and wrestling teams. I would do the same for their mom’s and other family members.

I was an avid reader back then and probably read every single diet and health related book published in the years between 1988 and 1994.

I studied biochemistry in undergrad because I wanted to understand how the metabolism functioned at the cellular level.

I was also fairly involved in the bodybuilding and female fitness world. These people are some of the leanest people on the planet. I participated in, trained with and learned from these people for over a decade.

Woman Lifting WeightAlthough I did not realize it then, the things I was picking up would be some of the most important education I would ever receive in my profession as a fat loss educator.

When it was time to go to medical school, I had a major realization. I could not bring myself to do it.

When I examined the course curriculum of the major medical schools, I could not fine one single school that had a class in nutrition. I also noticed they did not teach exercise or stress management.

This was shocking to me. I had already been working with people as a trainer and knew these things were more powerful than drugs and surgery to heal. We were dealing with an obesity epidemic and I wanted to be at the forefront of the solution to solve it.

This was a tough time for me, because I was confused about what to do. Should I just go get a masters in nutrition? Should I go to regular medical school? Or go into chiropractic or physical therapy?

The answer came to me when my brother handed me a brochure for a University called Bastyr (BASS-STEER). This was a school that taught conventional medicine along side alternative and conventional therapies. Therapeutic nutrition was at the core of what they taught.

I spent six years there and all the while I continued to personal train and hone my weight loss craft. When I graduated, I once again found myself training elite physique professionals and athletes on the one hand, and every day weight loss seekers on the other.

It was through all of this that I started seeing something interesting. I started to see a trend that looked very similar to what I had encountered years earlier with Ms F and Ms. B.

People who were dieting like crazy and not seeing results. People with stubborn fat that would not change. This was in stark contrast to the other people I worked with who were some of the leanest people on the planet.

When these fitness and bodybuilding guys and girls wanted to lose their love handles or cut down their thighs and reduce the appearance of cellulite, they did it.

But it was not from eating less and exercising more! From watching them I learned the three key mistakes almost everyone is making when they try to beat stubborn fat. And you are probably making them too.

Dieting makes Stubborn Fat More Stubborn

The reason you are failing is because dieting, by eating less and exercising more is working against you. This probably seems shocking to you, because it is exactly the opposite of what you have been told.

Am I right? This has been the approach you have been using haven’t you? It does not matter if you are doing it from cutting calories, or carbs or fat. It is wrong for three major reasons.

Reason #1: Your Metabolism Fights Back

When you eat less and exercise more the way the dieting industry teaches you, the metabolism will fight back against you.

You see, the metabolism works like a boomerang. It is programmed to protect you from starvation above all else. Your brain might know there is a Burger King and Starbucks on every corner, but your metabolism does not.

When you eat less and exercise more, in the extreme way many diets advocate (i.e. extreme low carb, low fat, frequent long intense workouts), the metabolism registers this as a stress.

In response it takes evasive action through hormones. It raises cortisol, it lowers thyroid, it becomes insulin resistant and it alters signaling molecules that make it so you will be more hungry.

The tug of war.It is like playing tug-o-war with a team that is always one step ahead and stronger than you. The metabolism knows what you are up to, and it always wins.

As a consequence, the results you achieve using these tactics are like using a metabolic credit card, you get some short term results but pay steep metabolic penalties later.

This is why 95% of dieters regain their lost weight and 66% end up fatter. And guess where that new fat is most likely to find a home? Yep, on those stubborn fat areas you were trying to lose in the first place.

Reason #2: Your Metabolism Changes

Imagine learning to play chess and you realize within three games the way you open the game keeps leading you into being check mated. What are you going to do?

You are going to change your approach aren’t you? Of course you are.

Well, when you are playing chess with your metabolism guess what you do when you just keep eating less and exercising more using the same approach day in and day out without deviation?

That’s right your metabolism slowly put’s you in check mate. Your metabolism is not static. It changes constantly. In fact, it adapts and reacts to everything you do.

By insisting on using a one-size-fits all approach, and not deviating from it, you are digging your own hole deeper and deeper.

It is like that old saying, “When you have a hammer everything looks like a nail.” The standard diet advice of “eat less, exercise more” is one tool and if you are going to master your metabolism and beat stubborn fat, you need more tools in your box.

Reason #3: You Are Opening The Wrong Doors

There are two types of receptors on fat cells. These are like doors. One type is called the beta receptor. It is like a big garage door. When fat burning hormones bind, the garage door opens and lots of fat can get out to be burned. Remember B, for beta and burn.

skin-diagramxThe other type is the alpha receptors, these are more like tiny kitchen windows you can barely squeeze out of. When fat burning hormones bind these, fat is released only very slowly. Remember A for alpha, and anti-burn.

The stubborn areas of your body like hips, belly, butt and thighs are covered in more alpha receptors compared to betas. This means fat is lost from these areas more slowly.

What you don’t realize is that dieting by going on extreme “eat less and/or exercise more” programs can alter hormones that activate alpha receptors while limiting beta receptors.

This would be like trying to combat a small kitchen fire by dumping gasoline on it. The diet and exercise approach you have been indoctrinated with makes the situation worse.

This is why so many people like Ms B, end up turning their large pear shapes into smaller more pronounced, and often more “mushy,” pear shapes.

The Big Scam

Now do you see the current approaches to beat stubborn fat are the exact wrong approach to take? Not only do they not work, they are actually making the situation worse for most people.

But let’s face it, it is not just about knowing the science, it is also about having the clinical and practical experience to understand what does work.

That is where my company Metabolic Effect comes in. We have a combined 100 plus years of experience in the weight loss world. Our team is made up of fitness competitors, bodybuilders, trainers, nutritionists and doctors.

We have worked with tens of thousands of individuals on helping them understand their own metabolism and change their bodies permanently by breaking through their stubborn fat.

And that is the big scam. You will never be told this by the the ” ad diet proponents” and the “more is better exercise junkies.” But…….

More is not better, smarter is better.

Smarter means learning how your own individual metabolism functions and honoring your own psychology and personal preferences. This understanding is then combined with the science you learned above and the clinical experience that can only come from working with thousands of real people.

And that is why we built a program to specifically address female lower body fat, male and female belly fat and cellulite.

So now you have a choice.

You can do nothing, which obviously will get you nowhere.

You could also opt to take this new information and try to go at it alone. But that is what you have already been doing and it has not left you any better off has it?

Your third choice is to let me and ME help you by enrolling in the Swimsuit Diet Program. This choice involves a step-by-step system where you are guided through the diet, exercise and lifestyle factors to unlock stubborn fat.

You won’t be going at it alone because this program gives you direct daily access to the Metabolic Effect Swimsuit Diet portal. This information repository is like going to school on your metabolism. It contains all the information you need and answers all of the questions you have.

When you enroll in this program you get a complete system filled with the diet, exercise, lifestyle and mindset tools you will need to be successful. You will never be left waiting or wondering what to do next.

What is in the program?

Module 1  The Introduction:

  • The genetic and unique metabolic issues around stubborn fat
  • Why most women and some men deal with stubborn lower body fat, belly fat and cellulite
  • The science of the male V-Shape
  • The science of the hourglass shape
  • The three step process to beating stubborn fat
  • The 8 week plan to your swimsuit body

Module 2. Burning Stubborn Fat From The Lower body:

  • The lower body fat burning diet principles
  • The lower body fat plan and cheat sheet
  • The lower body fat burning workout
  • Supplements to deactivate fat burning receptors
  • Why a low carb diet is critical for lower body fat loss
  • The in-depth science of alpha and beta receptors

Module 3. The Science Of Female Belly Fat:

  • The stress effect. Why female belly fat is all about stress
  • The female belly fat plan and cheat sheet
  • The 3-2-1 and belly fat
  • Prioritizing rest and recovery
  • Supplements for female belly fat 

Module 4. The Science Of Male Belly Fat:

  • Carbs and belly fat
  • The belly fat plan and cheat sheet
  • The weight training effect
  • Supplements to beat belly fat
  • How to raise testosterone

Module 5. Achieving Shape Change:

  • How to measure results
  • How to adjust based on individual reactions
  • The AIM cheat sheet and metabolic detective process

Module 6. Attacking, reducing and “burning” cellulite:

  • An entire program on cellulite
  • In-depth science between the collagen fibers of men and women
  • Why cellulite can be so stubborn
  • Self massage techniques and collagen remodeling
  • Instructive guide to how to foam roll
  • How muscle development tightens skin and reduces dimpling
  • The most proven spa treatments for cellulite
  • An introduction to the 4F system of beating cellulite
  • The difference between men & women’s connective tissue
  • The in-depth diet, exercise and supplement plan for rapid lower body fat loss
  • Specific meal plan and food list for attain and maintain phase of program

Module 7. Advanced Topics:

  • Training with the menstrual cycle
  • Using Cocoa For Cravings

Module 8. Program resources:

  • Where to buy supplements
  • How to order labs
  • Working with the ME coaches
  • Community support

Does it work?

Well, you read about Ms. F and Ms. B. For Ms. F, her major issue was a little different. She was already fit and lean but had stressed her physiology too far and it no longer responded the way she wanted it to. For her, she needed a different approach to body change.

For Ms. F she needed something that attacked more global stubborn fat. We have a program that deals with that called The Stress Diet. For those types who are not able to lose weight at all, that program is what works best.

But for those who have specific areas of stubborn fat they can t lose, the female lower body fat and cellulite program is able to unlock this stubborn fat like nothing else can.

And yes even very overweight people have done and benefited from this approach.

Check out some of the many testimonials we’ve gotten:

"After One week on this program I actually see a difference with my hips and thighs, my problem areas. This has motivated me to stick to the program. It is very difficult to see results in my lower body and I have tried everything. I honestly feel after reading the material and following the program that my hormones were to blame. Every diet did not work and I am very disciplined in my eating so to see no results from the waist down was very discouraging. Hope to post even better results soon!"



“Ok so down a total of 23 pounds since I started. However that being said my body changes are amazing and it looks like I have lost a lot more. This last month has been much slower but the body changes continue and I am loving it”



I have lost several inches off my waist/hips/butt and dropped 15 pounds so far- in 3 months.”



“I went from 278lbs and a size 4X to 176lbs and now I wear a size 10 medium. I had only lost 30lbs before digging into what ME teaches. I was frustrated and resentful of the “diet” I was doing. The female lower body fat and cellulite information played a HUGE part in my success”



“Loving the program! Supplements are fantastic. Seeing less dimpling each week!! Thank you! :-)”



“As women age, I think all of those little extra calories add up and go straight to the back of your legs and it is impossible to tighten up that area by just dieting and the usual workouts on the machines at the gym. This program has really taught me to focus on weights and really how to target the low body. At age 53 I have to say that I don’t mind wearing my bathing suit at the beach!”



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To Your Health

How long have you been stuck with your weight loss? Or been frustrated by weight loss that does not change your shape only to rebound back to your old body worse off then you were before?

I imagine if you are reading this it has been awhile. If you are like many of my patients, you have seen doctors, and alternative practitioners as well as read and tried every new fad diet that has come along.

And if you are like most of my patients these things have failed you. But even worse, they have wasted your time because they did not use proven techniques based on science that have been shown to work with real people.

One-size-fits-all DOES NOT WORK!! It never has worked. That is why these programs and approaches are so futile.

It is also the reason why just taking some drugs or some supplements does not solve the issue.

I certainly understand the frustration. I also understand that these off-the-shelf solutions are attractive to our psyche.

But how long have you been trying these things without success?

You can either continue to try to go at it alone, or you can let a tried and true system guide you.

As you have learned, I designed this system after 25 years in the personal training world and working with elite physique professionals as well as people just like you. This program can make all the difference in getting back your swimsuit body you have been eager to return to.

You can keep doing the same things you have been doing or you can learn a new and better way. The choice is yours. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I hope you will take the time to invest in your health and take this unique opportunity to finally feel and look better than you have in years.

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