Metabolic Fasting Program

This program is designed as a quick start guide to the science, art and practice of fasting. While fasting is used for many purposes, most notably in the historic sense as a tool for the recovery from illness, this educational module focuses on its use as a tool for body composition change, with only minor mention of therapeutic fasting.

The program is broken up into 4 modules.

  • Module 1: This module focuses on the overview of fasting along with a brief discussion of some of its major metabolic effects.
  • Module 2: This module introduces some of the controversy around the hormonal effects of fasting, as well as introduces some of the protocols used at the Metabolic Effect clinic. This page contains all of your downloads which essentially make up the “PLAN”.
  • Module 3: Contains tools for using fasting for therapeutic purposes, rather than body composition concerns.
  • Resources: Extra education, supplement links and tools



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