The Metabolic Female
(Course Curriculum)

Below you will find an outline and the in-depth curriculum for The Metabolic Female for professionals course. The course is 16 hours of education into the female metabolism. It especially emphasizes the mechanisms involved in female fat loss and performance.Part 1 focuses on the pertinent biochemistry and physiology related to female metabolism and hormones. Part 2 is focused on the diet, exercise and lifestyle factors to optimize female metabolism. Each participant will be provided with a certificate of course completion. This curriculum, along with the certificate of completion, is normally all that is required for submission to your chosen continuing education organization.


Part 1

Part 2

 The female Metabolism in historical perspective

  • How is female metabolism the same & different from men
  • The evolutionary demands of pregnancy & child rearing
  • The cyclical and seasonal demands on women historically
  • Ancient metabolic programming versus modern day demands
  • The female stress barometer: SHMEC, Libido & menses


The physiology of estrogen & progesterone

  • Estrogen & progesterones impact on the brain
  • Estrogen and progesterones impact on body composition
  • The indirect relationships of female sex hormones with cortisol, insulin and thyroid
  • E1, E2, E3 & estrogen receptor alpha and beta
  • Bioidentical estrogen and progesterone
  • Synthetic estrogen & progestins
  • assessing female hormones


The menstrual cycle in depth

  • Introduction to the HPO axis
  • The follicular versus luteal phase
  • Estrogen dominance (relative versus absolute)
  • Stress and ovulation
  • Menstrual symptoms as a window into the female metabolism

Stress & the metabolism (Sam Miller)

  • Diet & exercise as eustress or destress
  • Introduction metabolic adaptation and adaptive thermogenesis
  • Metabolic compensation, resistance, dysfunction & damage (adrenal fatigue/starvation mode)
  • Intermittent energy restriction
  • Exercise performance and recovery


The menopause transition

  • Perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause
  • Estrogen & progesterone changes with menopause
  • Implications for diet, exercise and lifestyle at menopause

Adaptogens & HRT

  • Natural agents to protect and move the HPO
  • Vitex, Rhodiola, Ashwagandha, Black Cohosh & others
  • Soy and estrogen modulation
  • Birth control & HRT
  • Luteal phase permanence with HRT
  • Weight gain or weight loss with HRT
  • Different types of HRT
  • Controversies in HRT


Review, Q & A

Metabolic Frameworks, Coaching & Tracking

  • The 4Ms of metabolism
  • The Metabolic Toggles
  • The Metabolic Detective Process
  • intuitive eating versus tracking calories
  • setting calories and macros
  • Body composition (when to weigh, how often), etc


Moderating Diet (Jill Coleman)

  • Food Psychology

  • Moderation/tools

  • Mindfulness/tools

  • Food FOMO/Scarcity/Situational Eating

  • Daily Nutritional Commitments

Fat Loss Protocols For Women

  • Intermittent fasting
  • Keto diet
  • EMEM
  • ELEL
  • ELEM


Female Exercise & Performance

  • The female advantage HGH & testosterone?
  • High volume, short-rest weight training?
  • Cardio & constrained metabolism
  • Performance considerations around the cycle
  • Menopause adjustments


Pregnancy, PCOS & Hypothyroid

  • pregnancy as a metabolic reset
  • PCOS eating, training lifestyle
  • Hypothyroid, eating, training lifestyle


Neuroendocrineimmune system (Justin Janoska)

  • Mind-Body dynamics
  • Disordered eating
  • Autoimmune mechanisms 
  • Regulating autonomic function
  • Finding the way back


Review & Q&A

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Lecture 1 (45:46)

The female metabolism in historical perspective 

  • Why EVERYTHING done to reverse metabolic issues in women is wrong...and typically fails
  • Some of the crucial differences between male and female physiology and how these impact metabolism
  • Why everything from seasons to historical lifestyles is relevant to female metabolism 
  • The highly critical role of estrogen in female metabolism
  • Alllll the hormonal and lifestyle changes women go through that impact their metabolism
  • The role that fulfillment of societal expectations plays on female metabolism and the corresponding stress levels
  • How the command center of metabolism the body is frequently overwhelmed
  • How to truly measure metabolism so you know what’s really going on in the body


Lecture 2 (54:37)

The Physiology of estrogen and progesterone

  • How hormones really behave in the body
  • The specific organs involved in hormone production and communication
  • What hormones shared between men and women actually have a huge impact on female metabolism
  • The true role and impact of estrogen in the female body (it’s not as simple as you think!)
  • Why the ability to bear children has a huge impact on overall metabolism
  • A thorough breakdown of how fat-burning actually happens and materializes in the body (there are multiple steps, not just one!)
  • The role of testosterone in the body as well as hormone receptors


Lecture 3 (01:04:38)

The menstrual cycle in-depth

  • How cycles vary from individual woman to individual woman 
  • The implications of consistency vs inconsistency in women 
  • What might trigger a shorter luteal phase
  • How to TAKE ADVANTAGE of estrogen
  • How these hormones impact the brain and what that means for female metabolism
  • The physiological reasons that trigger cravings, and female appetite cycles---and how to manage that to prevent weight gain without feeling deprived or frustrated!
  • The significant impact of stress on the menstrual cycle 


Lecture 4 (59:28)

Stress & The Metabolism 

  • Why women should eat based on their current physiological status (and how outer and internal stressors impact their physiological status)
  • Learn how to identify all the internal and external stressors a woman may be dealing with and why that matters to metabolism
  • Some of the influences on thyroid and how that impacts metabolism plus, planning diet and health routines to trigger the thyroid
  • The relationship between insulin and cortisol and how that relates to metabolism and different cycles
  • What influences basal metabolic rate
  • How to a diet around different life phases and other cycles to prevent weight gain and trigger fat burning
  • The protocols for evaluating stressors in a client and how to help them with weight loss or weight management in that context


Lecture 5 (54:05)

Metabolic prehab, rehab & estrogen dominance

  • Intermittent energy restriction
  • How to get the metabolism to respond the way you want it too
  • What type of exercise and/or activity level to incorporate into an intermittent energy restriction program
  • Why repairing the gut has a huge impact on metabolism restoration
  • The gut-restoration protocol for improving basal metabolic rate
  • When to switch to a new or different protocol as part of the overall maintenance program
  • The stages of metabolic damage


Lecture 6 (01:05:21)

Female “hormone types”  & hormonal testing

  • The various hormonal types and how to use to integrate these into your practice
  • What labs can and cannot do in your practice
  • Proper treatment order when reversing hormonal imbalances in the body
  • Guide to steroid hormone testing in different body fluids
  • Adrenal stress and how to test for it


Lecture 7 (31:30)


  • The history of HRT and the ingredients used in past HRTs
  • The health risks and health myths involved in HRT
  • When HRT can and cannot be beneficial to women
  • The emerging data on bioidentical hormones
  • HRT & menopause and how oral contraceptives interfere with thyroid


Lecture 8 (49:56)

Metabolic Frameworks

  • How to work with your clients and patients in regards to their dietary preferences...and how to train them on what is best for them
  • How to moderate an individualized diet for each client 
  • Why the traditional approach to weight loss fails and what do instead
  • The 3 laws of metabolism
  • Why you don’t want a faster metabolism and you do want a more flexible metabolism
  • Dr. Jade Teta’s Fat Loss Hierarchy actually works!
  • The first thing to look at INSTEAD of caloric intake


Lecture 9 (51:52)

Hormone Replacement (HRT & OCP)

  • Why traditional dieting methods completely fail and wind up making you feel bad about yourself
  • How to make mindfulness a habit that you don’t even have to think about 
  • Why an abundancy mindset around food can completely reverse and turn around overeating
  • How to easily stop overeating
  • How to implement Daily Nutritional Commitments so you’re not overwhelmed by dieting


Lecture 10 (57:23)

The Nutritional Protocols

  • Why the eat less and exercise more protocol doesn’t achieve lasting results
  • Different approaches to lasting fat loss
  • How to determine which eating protocol is ideal for your clients depending upon what preexisting health conditions or injuries they have
  • The hormonal effects of fasting
  • Who the keto diet works for, when to use it, and when not to use it


Lecture 11 (01:05:00)

Female Training and Athletes

  • When to include fat with your caffeine and when not to 
  • Why intermittent fasting is better for women than long-term fasting or long-term diets
  • How women train differently today than they used too
  • Full body training accomplished in circuits as well as the ideal length of training
  • The point at which a woman might perform at her best and when her metabolism works the most like a male’s
  • What type of workouts create the most efficient impact on lowering appetite


Lecture 12 (43:48)

Pregnancy Thyroid and PCOS

  • The problem with telling pregnant women to “eat for two”
  • Why pregnancy and breastfeeding are some of the best metabolic resets a woman can go through
  • The types of exercise that are perfectly safe for pregnancy
  • Why women struggle to lose weight while breastfeeding
  • The two types of PCOS and what causes each type
  • How the thyroid and the adrenals work together


Lecture 13  (01:29:32)

Autoimmunity and Disordered Eating

  • The relationship between female hormones and autoimmunity
  • The link between Hashimoto’s in mothers and autism in children
  • How hormonal birth control may be linked to autoimmunity in women
  • Why less lab testing is more when it comes to autoimmune diseases
  • The important relationship between early trauma, disordered eating, and autoimmune disease


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About Jade

Jade Teta helps doctors, healthcare providers, and fitness pros to get results in women struggling with metabolic syndrome without months and years of trial and error with no results by utilizing the Metabolic Mastery Framework. His specialty is integrative endocrinology and he is one of few who have mastered this unique combo of hormones and metabolism. Jade is also a doctor of naturopathic medicine (ND) and his interests include philosophy, psychology, as well as exercise, training, and nutrition.


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