Someone once described me as a mix of jock, science nerd, nature boy & philosopher. It makes sense I suppose.

I was a personal trainer for 25 years. I still produce video-based workouts that are used by hundreds of thousands all over the world. It's kind of crazy to think about that number. I have been lucky to find a publisher who knows how to produce and market great products.

I have a degree in biochemistry and I am a practicioner of naturopathic medicine. Although, my friends give me a hard time for never referring to myself as "Doctor." I guess I always found it too formal, have grown past the need for accolades and, depending on who you ask, some don't consider me a physician at all. Given my specialty in natural medicine, I have been called everything from "quack" to "witch doctor." Believe it or not, I take that as a compliment. The choice to go into alternative medicine was conscious and deliberate.

My medical specialty is in a subset of medicine called naturopathic medicine. Think of your family doctor, but instead of using drugs and surgery first, while knowing little to nothing about diet and exercise, I use drugs second and I am an expert in nutrition, exercise and supplements.

My specialty is "integrative endocrinology." It's the study of hormones & metabolism. The integrative part just means that I integrate both conventional and alternative methods. Most of my career has been helping the most difficult metabolic cases lose weight.

I have a license in California & Washington State and can prescribe all drugs except schedule I & II. I am not opposed to pharmaceuticals and do use them, I just prefer to lean on lifestyle change and natural approaches first. I only prescribe drugs if necessary. There is a time and a place for both.

I am also a psychology geek & student of philosophy (my favorites are stoicism & taoism). I am currently working on my PHD in transpersonal & integral psychology. My area of research is focused on human connection, meaning and fulfillment.

What else can i tell you? I have more life coaching certifications than I can count, I did extra shifts in couples counseling in school (I am fascinated by romance and read research on the topic regularly). I also went through an affair and a divorce. I betrayed (my wife) and was betrayed (by the person I fell in love with).

It was the best and worst experience of my life. Have you ever had an experience where you were so hurt, disappointed and embarrassed by your behavior that you hit rock bottom and became a new person as a result? Yeah, that's what happened to me. This is why I write, blog and podcast so much on relationships and romance.

I feel I have learned and earned this expertise. I have both the intellectual knowledge and first-hand experience of loss from both sides.

I am a voracious reader of anything self development. My two favorite things are working out and reading. Some people like beers and ballgames. Those are great, but I prefer books and barbells.

Finally, I am an author. In my field of medicine we have a principle called Docere. It means "doctor as teacher." That's what I spend most of my time doing now; teaching through writing. I write books, and create online educational products on metabolism, fitness & personal development. I teach in three distinct areas, "mind, muscle and metabolism."

Hope that helps you understand a little about me? I would love to know more about you as well. How can I help you?

Below you will find a link to get on my email list. I would love if you joined my community. The first email I send will ask you how I can help.

Take a look around the site as well. You will learn more, and we will have a chance to get to know each other better.

Thanks for being here. I genuinely appreciate your interest and support.

To Your Next Level

-- Jade



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"Dr Jade Teta is my top metabolic mentor. If I hit a fat loss roadblock with one of my high achieving clients, I know Dr. Teta will have the answer!!"

— Brad Davidson
Author & Elite Conditioning Coach

"Whenever I feel stuck in business or life, I immediately reach out to Jade. One conversation gets me almost instantly unstuck. He genuinely wants to help people become extraordinary & is one of the few who walks the talk."

— Dr. Ray Hinish
Author, Entrepreneur, Integrative Pharmacist

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