Weight Loss Lies with Robert Davis, PhD - Ep. 134

Diet philosophies have become very polarizing in recent years. For instance: veganism and vegetarianism, the paleo diet, intermittent fasting, and counting calories are all eating plans that diverge on what is the best option when it comes to weight loss. While there are true concepts on all of them, there are a lot of myths on them as well. The best approach would be: think beyond diets and see what works for you.

Tune in to this episode of the Next Level Human podcast as Dr. Jade talks with Robert J. Davis, PhD; the author of “Supersized Lies,” which revolves around diet philosophies and why people can’t seem to lose weight even with so many popular diets popping up in the industry. Dr. Davis advises on a variety of topics such as macronutrient consumption, processed foods, quality and quantity of food, and why demonizing certain groups of foods is not the solution.

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Episode Resources

Supersized Lies by Robert J. Davis, PhD

Burn by Herman Pontzer, PhD

Next Level Human Podcast: The Science & Evolution of Metabolism with Herman Pontzer

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Website: www.healthyskeptic.com

Instagram: @healthyskept

Facebook: The Healthy Skeptic

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