The Three Imperatives of a Next Level Human – Ep. 170

Today, Dr. Jade speaks about the concept of the three imperatives of a Next Level Human. As we all know from the show’s intro, loving, teaching, and learning are the foundation to living a life with purpose and the key actions in order to feel more fulfilled. Different from what is known as ‘base level humans’ and ‘culture level humans’, a next level human finds these three ideas to be the most important aspects of life.

Learning is potentially the only thing in the world we need to keep doing as time passes on. When we stop learning, we stop growing and the lessons learned can be a huge asset to facing what life throws at us. Teaching is fundamental to passing to the next generation – or to other people – these lessons. On the other hand, loving (life, our family, our friends, ourselves) is what creates deep connections between humans and is what keeps us all moving forward. Tune in to learn more!

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