The Female Metabolism Part 3 - Menopause In-Depth - Ep. 105

Most of our understanding of menopause is either incomplete or shallow. Do you know why many menopausal women find themselves gaining weight, specifically, around the belly? Menopause is not a process confined to older women alone, some younger women go through ‘mini menopause’. Join Dr. Jade on this episode as he shares unique insights that will answer your questions! He briefly explains the vast roles played by female hormones in their bodies, menopause tests (FSH tests), manic depressive bipolar condition, and the role of carbohydrates in regulating perimenopause. Learn about the benefits of maintaining a calorie gap; the roles of contrast hydrotherapy; cold exposures, hot exposures, and thermal exposures in the long run; and hormone replacement therapies. Stay tuned to find out how to maintain an insulin-resistant diet while sticking to the “eat less, exercise less, and move more” model!


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