The Betrayed and Betrayer with Emily Gough - Ep. 136

Relationships are – or at least should be – created and cultivated in the life of two individuals to make all the areas of life easier and more manageable. As long as two people have each other and have a strong bond, the adversities of life become a game for two players. However, when a relationship happens to go through a betrayal, what was supposed to be simple turns into a complex situation, where the two parts (the betrayed and the betrayer) must re-evaluate to understand what happened.

In this episode of the Next Level Human podcast, you will listen to a frank discussion about relationships, how betrayals impact, not only the relationship, but the whole connection between two individuals, and how to begin to understand the causes and the consequences of a situation that involves a person betraying another. More important than being responsible with the circumstances is to accept the lessons and learn from it all. Tune in!

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