The 4 Untruths: Changing Our Stories to Change the World - Ep. 117


Have you heard of seed stories? They might come from stories we were told when we were kids, from common sense, or they may be universal beliefs passed on to us throughout the years. In any case, we all carry truths inside of us that we believe to be undeniable facts. It is difficult to unravel these truths due to the possibility of finding out that they are false, but a necessary step toward self-development; toward, eventually, making the world a better place.


In this episode of the Next Level Human podcast, Dr. Jade analyzes the 4 untruths we tend to consider cold facts: “I am special,” “I deserve,” “Life is fair,” “Death is bad.” However, if you change your relationship with these stories, you free yourself up from the suffering caused by these stories. Tune in if you’re ready to learn why freeing yourself from false truths allows you to embrace true ones.


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