Shifting Health Paradigms Through Adaptogens, Medicinal Mushrooms, and CBD with Joseph Sheehey - Ep. 76

Joseph Sheehey, co-founder and CEO of Cured Nutrition, specializes in CBD based products and "wellness rooted in nature" supplements. Dr. Jade shares his recent personal experience using CBD products and how it has alleviated many health concerns of his own, such as glucose management, sleep, and recovery. Joe shines a light on the truths about this plant medicine and what are blatant lies as well as an in-depth understanding of the human endocannabinoid system that will truly blow you away! Cured Nutrition offers a wide array of all-natural supplements to help you rise to every occasion, maintain homeostasis, and even calm the mind and body.


Cured Nutrition is now a proud partner of the show and Dr. Jade's personal recommendation for all things CBD! Use code "NEXTLEVEL" to save 10% by visiting


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