Shadow Work with Danielle Massi – Ep. 214

Join this episode of Next Level Human Podcast as Dr. Jade welcomes Danielle Massi. Danielle is a shadow work practitioner, owner of The Wellness Collective, and a best-selling author. Her latest book “Shadow Work” dives deep into the idea of looking to unhealed parts of ourselves and rewiring the thought processes that were created from these parts.

With a background in psychology and having been diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, Danielle’s purpose has become helping others to unpack childhood trauma, stress, and anxiety-driven situations and make changes in their adulthood to live a better life.

Danielle also talks about the importance of meditation and the many tools we can use (like psychedelics) to access our subconscious, identify our childhood stories - also called seed stories, and finally change old patterns.

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