Red Light Therapy for Joints, Pain & Aging with Forest Smith- Ep. 218

In this episode of Next Level Human Podcast, Dr. Jade connects with Forrest Smith. Forrest is the CEO of Kineon, an innovative company focusing on light therapy devices. Kineon was founded based on one mission: to help the largest number of people manage pain and deal with injuries. Treating pain and chronic inflammation safely and effectively has become the company's number #1 priority.

Today, Forrest shares more about how Kineon's devices work when it comes to treating chronic pain, joint inflammation, and also the recovery process. Many people treat daily injuries with over-the-counter medicine, which is effective to a certain point, giving momentary relief. The problem happens when these types of medication don't work anymore. Red light therapy can be a much more permanent alternative, restoring cell function and generating blood flow to the area. Tune in to learn more.

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