Philosophy of Next Level Human - Ep. 135

 The foundational concept of a Next Level Human can only be understood if these other two concepts are understood as well: Base Level Human and Culture Level Human. The Base Level is always directing his attention to his own desires and the Culture Level maintains his own desires with the acceptance of others, but the Next Level will find his desire only when he finds his purpose. That’s the difference between an individual who, despite adversities, makes an effort to be: true, honest, and selfless.

In this episode of the Next Level Human podcast, Dr. Jade takes you through a read of his upcoming book, focusing on the philosophy section where the main idea navigates around what it means to be a Next Level Human. What makes human beings special? What path are human beings meant to choose? How can we go from nothing to something throughout our existence? These are all questions highlighted in this episode and in the text too. Tune in to learn more!

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