On Virtue: What Does It Mean To Be Good? - Ep. 110

What ideas and philosophies make a good human? In this installment of the Next Level Human podcast, Dr. Jade dives deeper into the base level, culture level, and next level ways of human thinking. We discuss the Stoic values of courage, wisdom, temperance, and justice, Taoistic principles, and the Light Triad ideals of a good human. Dr. Jade sheds light on the state of the world today by discussing the efficacy of vaccines and he stresses the importance of practicing the next level human values during these unprecedented times. In this episode you’ll learn how the Light Triad ideals adequately represent a good human; they advocate Kantianism, humanism, and faith in humanity, which fortify the definition of a good human. To be virtuous is to be someone who integrates their growth to better humanity as a whole. Tune in to find out how!


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