On Stress - Ep. 140

Stress is one of the main components that affect our health and metabolism. When stress levels are high enough to the point that it’s harmful, it’s important to identify and understand the origins of the stress. It’s also important to try and find solutions or coping mechanisms that will help lower our stress levels. There are a lot of tactics and strategies that can help to manage stress, it’s only a matter of finding what works best for you.

In this episode, Dr. Jade talks about stress levels and how “too much” or “too little” of anything affects these levels. For example: eating too much can be harmful for you as well as eating too little. Exercising too much may be a stressor for your body, same thing with exercising too little. In addition, Dr. Jade also explains the concept of S.H.M.E.C. (Sleep, Hunger, Mood, Energy, Cravings), and how it can be applied as an indicator of stress, and how to add positive types of stress to your routine.

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