On Moving Better with Dr. Megan-Marie Delegas - Ep. 148

 Movement is one of the most fundamental aspects of living a well-balanced lifestyle. People who exercise regularly, or do some kind of mild activity regularly, or do a combination of both, tend to feel better overall. It’s important, however, to understand where we can improve our range of motion and mobility, what are the factors that influence exercise, and how we can get better at moving, in general.

In this episode of Next Level Human podcast, Dr. Jade welcomes Dr. Megan-Marie Delegas to discuss the fundamentals and the most important guidelines of movement and exercise. Dr. Delegas explains that nutrition, stress levels, water intake, and sleep quality, all affect how well we move. One of the most important outcomes of learning how to move better, is the subsequent regulation of the nervous system. Tune in to learn more!

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LinkedIn: Megan-Marie Delegas

Website: www.meganmariept.com

Instagram: @meganmarie_pt

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