On Metaphysics And Magic With Candy Irven - Ep. 126


We, as humans, are energetic beings: we can feel other people’s energy, we can sense energy emanating from certain environments, we can step into a different type of energy if we feel the need to, and we can manifest all kinds of energies for our life – even without realizing it. We are also receivers of the universe’s energy and it’s our job to learn how to interpret it, convert it into our own inner guide, and fully take advantage of this unseen power.

In this episode of the Next Level Human podcast, Dr. Jade sits down with Candy Irven of www.itsyouguru.com, Intuitive Coach, to give you a complete discussion about metaphysics, magic, and all the tools connected to these topics such as astrology, numerology, and cardiology. Candy talks about the power of the universe, or higher self, and how it is always trying to talk to you and handle your hidden messages. Candy also explains everything about her work as a coach and how you can start applying these lessons to your learning and self-development journey.

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website: www.itsyouguru.com

Instagram: @candy.irven @itsyouguru

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Website: www.jadeteta.com

Instagram: @jadeteta


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