On Male Struggles with Emily Gough – Ep. 192

 Join this episode of Next Level Human Podcast as Dr. Jade and Emily Gough discuss the roles given to men over the years, and how it affects their actions and behaviors. On the other hand, it’s also interesting to note the influence that women have on these same actions and behaviors. However, both men and women are part of a larger group – the human group – so it’s important to see the whole situation from that angle as well.

Dr. Jade and Emily highlight that the differences between males and females only happen up to a certain point. Passed that point, we can now start to analyze men/women's struggles as human struggles, men/women's battles as human battles, men/women's patterns as human patterns, and so on and so forth. This idea applies not only to gender, but also to race, ethnicity, and many other human characteristics. Tune in!

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