On Male Fertility: Sperm As A "Biomarker" with Khaled Kteily – Ep. 131

In today’s episode, Dr. Jade sits down with Khaled Kteily to discuss more in-depth topics like male fertility, how men can comprehend and improve their own health from this specific perspective, and how his company Legacy has been contributing to this field in a simple and very understandable manner since its foundation. A man’s ability to conceive can be reduced or lost with time – injuries being the number one risk factor – and Legacy was born with the mission to protect and keep this ability, while also checking and giving you a detailed report of your own sperm’s health. 

Khaled, who is founder and CEO of Legacy, explains the personal reasons along with the context in which the company was founded and how the process works in terms of sperm analysis and sperm cryostorage. The entire procedure of collection can safely be done at home; after which the kit will be lab tested for specific biomarkers, such as volume, concentration, and motility, and/or saved in storage for the future. Khaled also talks about when to use supplementation, testosterone levels, and the correlation between sperm storage and Assisted Reproductive Technology.

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