On Healing the Inner Child with Jessica Amendola - Ep. 145


In this episode of Next Level Human podcast, Dr. Jade and Jessica Amendola discuss the effects of childhood traumas, old wounds, and old memories on the physical body. While most think that bad experiences and traumas can cause psychological harm, it has been proven that the body also suffers. Emotions that don’t move through the body end up stuck, and that impacts the way we live life.

Jessica also explains the many signs of trauma (and unreleased trauma). According to her, difficulty to create, maintain, and nurture healthy relationships is one of the easiest “symptoms”.  Also not being able to express emotions, not being able to cry when needed, and getting easily triggered from daily situations are signs that something inside needs to be healed. Tune in to learn more!

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Website: www.jessicaamendola.com

Instagram: @jessamendola

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