On Earning, Saving, and Managing Money with Brandon Belk – EP. 182


In this episode of Next Level Human Podcast, Dr. Jade welcomes a repeat guest, Brandon Belk. Brandon is a financial expert who has previously been on the podcast to talk about digital currencies, financial instability, and where money is heading. Today, they talk about how to earn, save, and efficiently manage money. It’s fundamental to understand these three ways of handling money to have financial freedom.

Brandon talks about the differences (advantages and disadvantages) of both concepts: working for ourselves and working for a company. Earning money will depend on these two ‘methods’ as well as choosing to have a side hustle. To save money, Brandon shares important tips to ‘take care of yourself first’ and prioritize what needs to be prioritized. In addition, Brandon talks about the idea of investments and how anyone can make a good investment even if their income is not that high. Tune in!

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On Financial Instability and Digital Currencies with Brandon Belk

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Instagram: @brandon_belk

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