On Death (The Principle of Memento Mori) – Ep. 155

Death is perhaps the only certainty we have in life. No matter how you have been living your life, who you have been connecting with, or what actions you have been taking, death is coming for you – but it should not be a thing to fear. In fact, we don’t have a problem with death; we have a problem with fearing death, which is why we don’t like to talk about it throughout our lifespan. Remember you must die.

In this episode of Next Level Human Podcast, you will listen to a recording session where Dr. Jade and other guests talk about this concept of accepting death as a definitive result for all of us. Not accepting it, or maybe, being distressed about it can actually be the main cause not to live a fulfilled life, which can create regret. In addition, Dr. Jade explains the difference between physical and psychological death.

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