On Connection with Dr. Edward Brodkin - Ep. 130


How does human connection relate to being a next level human? Nowadays, our connections with other human beings are the foundation to achieving our next level self. What most people don’t know is that taking care of ourselves first is the initial step to creating meaningful relationships, connecting with other individuals, and truly nurturing those relationships by giving them the attention they deserve.

In this episode of the Next Level Human Podcast, Dr. Jade interviews Dr. Edward Brodkin, co-author of Missing Each Other to talk about how important it is to clear our heads and be aware of our thoughts in order to focus on what the moment calls for. Anxiety and overwhelming feelings really prevent us from connecting with other people because we get so stuck in our own heads that we are unable to create identification. Dr. Edward also touches on topics like meditations, empathy, politics, and setting boundaries for ourselves. Tune in to learn more!

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