On Being Male with Kelly Gardner – Ep. 178

In this episode, Dr. Jade welcomes Kelly Gardner to discuss what it is like to be a man in the society we are currently living in. Kelly shares his opinion on important topics that compose a man’s life, such as fatherhood, work, and friendship. Kelly is an advocate for men nowadays to be involved in communities. Being part of a circle of friends that have the willingness to hold each other accountable is extremely valuable for all of us.

Kelly also believes that men are often deeply influenced by their core values, and those core values are deeply influenced by the stories they lived. It’s also important to remember that every man is unique and part of this uniqueness comes from those same stories, the traumas, the fears, the lessons learned, and the failures. Being a next level man involves all of these factors and more: understanding that there are no good men or bad men, just men trying their hardest to find purpose. Tune in!

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Instagram: @community.gardner

Website: www.kellygardner.com


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