Nutritional Keystones - Ep. 129


How do we structure a healthy lifestyle that is easy to attain? What are the 3 things you can focus on TODAY in order to create this healthy lifestyle? Sometimes we pay too much attention to things that don’t really matter. When it comes to nutrition and fitness, it is way easier to focus on a few variables that make a huge difference than to focus on a lot of things that create little change. 

In this episode of the Next Level Human Podcast, Dr. Jade discusses the importance of having ‘keystones’ (aka: ‘big rocks’) to create effective changes in your nutrition and overall lifestyle. Building out your list of the 3 things to check on a daily basis is enough to achieve results – whatever the results might be for you. As Dr. Jade points out: the key to achieving a goal is not doing more of everything, it’s doing more of what you need to do the most. Tune in!

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