Next Level Human: How To Become One.

The steps to becoming a next level human:

Step 1: Know Yourself (Verum Videre)

To know thyself is not just to study thyself, but to also see through the stories you are trapped inside. Stories told by your culture, stories you created as a child; stories of hurt, fear and failure. To know thyself is to gain a clear understanding of the world you live in and your place in it. Then you must cut through the fog of distraction from the outside world, and delusion of your inside world, to free your mind and write a new story; one where you are the creator.

Step 2: Choose Yourself (Vivere est Militare)

If you are like most humans, you have a sense there is something special about you. Something you are meant for. Perhaps you are searching for that thing as you read this? Choosing yourself means choosing your code of honor; the thing you will fight, bleed, scar, suffer and even die for. The meaning of your life is what you choose to make your life mean.

Step 3: Prepare Yourself (Semper Discendum)

You have signature strengths and innate weaknesses. You, like all humans, are saddled with bias, dogma, ignorance and arrogance. To prepare yourself is to turn your strengths into superpowers and your weaknesses into strengths. Here you gather information, knowledge, experience, and finally, wisdom. This journey is a rite of passage for any human seeking a higher level of existence and desiring to escape their base self.

Step 4: Earn Yourself  (Meritus Securus)

Life is movement and movement is change. No amount of thought can invoke change, there must be tangible acts in words and deeds. The battle of the base self verse the higher self must be waged in action. Your brain responds to what you do more strongly than what you say. This will be hard, only a fool would want it any other way. Easy is earned.

Step 5:  Defend Yourself  (Memento Mori)

This is a battle of life and death, literally and figuratively. You are in a struggle against your base self, a relentless enemy who will erect every obstacle it can in your path; Procrastination, fear, indifference, distraction, delusion, bias, dogma, ignorance and arrogance. Your next level requires you confront these obstacles with the full expression of your higher self. Physical death is there to remind you of what’s at stake; the meaning to die for, and the focus to live for.

Step 6: Share Yourself (Relinquam Amor)

Life is a shared experience. You are not an island unto yourself. Your fellow human is an extension of you. Their base self is a reflection of your base self. Their higher potential is a reflection of your next level self. It is your duty as a warrior to protect your tribe, to see it to its highest evolution. You must leave the world better than you found it. Your legacy is your creations. Your creations embody your love. Your love is what you must leave.

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