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How to Use:

  1. Enter your data in the fields below taking care to make sure all fields contain an accurate value.
  2. Read the brief note below to interpret your results
  3. Email yourself the results for comparison of later measures.

How To Measure:

  1. Always measure at the same time and under the same conditions. We suggest first thing Friday morning without clothes and before eating or drinking anything.
  2. Measure your wrist at the widest section between the two bony processes (this measurement will not change between measures)
  3. Measure your forearm halfway between your wrist and your elbow
  4. Measure your chest across the nipple line
  5. Measure your waist at the smallest portion above your bellybutton, but below the ribcage
  6. Measure your hips at the largest protrusion of the butt muscle.
  7. Weigh yourself without clothing or shoes

How To Interpret:

  • For Men. The waist to chest ratio is the "apple point". The ideal value is between .7 and .8 with .77 being the most preferred measurement by those attracted to men. When this is achieved you are a V-shape. A measurement above .8 is an apple shape.
  • For Women. The ideal is between .6 and .9 for both the waist to hip ratio (pear point) and waist to chest ratio (apple point). When this is achieved at both points, you have an hourglass shape. When these two measures are closer to being the same, the hourglass shape is even more pronounced. A symmetrical .7 at both points is optimal and the most desirable female look according to both male and female assessments of the female physique.
  • When the waist to chest ratio or waist to hip ratio starts moving closer to .8, this is a sign a woman is becoming more apple shape.  This occurs in many women after menopause even with no change in weight.
  • When the waist to hip ratio starts falling below .7, and moving closer to .6, the woman is becoming more pear shaped.
  • For more details please refer to the blog and video education HERE

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*Note: Please understand this tool is designed as a tracking tool only. Its results are comparable only to itself and the measures may vary significantly from other forms of body fat measuring. Whenever using a tool to assess body composition, it is important to remember that accuracy is not the most important factor. Your actual body fat may be significantly more or less than what this program determines. The real value of programs like this is for repeat measures and tracking overtime. Metabolic Effect provides no warranty for the use of this tool.


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