Female Metabolism Part 1 - The Ancestral Woman - Ep. 103

Have you been prey to justifications from people that said women should never fast because it damages their metabolism? Or that paleo women had a super-healthy physique because they used to eat less and exercise more? If yes, get ready to be surprised as Dr. Jade tells you why everything you know about metabolism is wrong! In this episode, he talks about female metabolism, how and why it differs from that of the paleo women, the metabolic governor effect, and the importance of disassociating from the myths circling the same. He uses case studies of the Hadza women and the Tsimane women to explain why the Eat Less, Exercise Less, Move More model is what you should strive for. Listen in!


Also, Dr. Jade is launching the first-ever female-specific fat loss certification program called The Metabolic Female for professionals. This course is a guide through everything he has done in the realm of metabolism, plus all the latest and greatest information on female metabolism in particular. Check out the links below, you cannot miss out on this opportunity!


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