Crossfit to Lose Weight? How Crossfit and Marathons Can Keep You Fat & How to Make Them Work

Elite Conditioning Coach Brad Davidson & Dr. Jade Teta Discuss Crossfit and how to match eating with training for optimal fat loss results

There are two things required to lose weight: 1) a calorie deficit and 2) hormonal balance.

The problem with the standard "eat less, exercise more" approach, or the newer updated version "deplete carbs and train intensely" model, is that both easily create the calorie deficit but make the hormonal balance worse not better.

So, what happens? Many people will get results and just as many will stay fat. And for an unlucky minority this bad advice turns into metabolic damage and weight loss resistance.

In this conversation with my good friend and elite Crossfit coach, Brad Davidson we discuss the correct way to pair eating and training for Crossfit or any high output metabolic conditioning.

Brad and I have been at this awhile and frequently connect to learn from each other and share our results from the top level athletes and average fat loss seekers we work with every day.

Here are the high level take aways:

  • Eating less and exercising more works for some, but can be the very thinking hindering results for others. And for a small minority can be a metabolic disaster.
  • Carb depleting diets with Crossfit-type workouts are really not much better and lead to the same types of issues. Sometimes even worse. Review this blog on metabolic damage
  • There are two other ways to create calorie deficits and hormonal balance. Eat less and exercise less (the way the many European countries stay so lean) OR eat more and exercise more (the way elite athletes, including Crossfitters do it)
  • You don't need fancy tests to tell you if your metabolism is out of balance and entering into metabolic compensation or resistance. All you need to know is, "is your HEC in check?" HEC is an acronym for hunger, energy and cravings.
  • Timing carbohydrates in the post workout window is a critical aspect to recovery, repair and adaptation.
  • Finding the right amount, type and timing of carbohydrate is critical to high level performance and fat loss

Enjoy the discussion. And let us know your thoughts. To learn more about Brad Davidson. Check out his website here

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