Covid Update, Vaccines and Variants - Ep. 107


There have been numerous episodes of people disregarding the COVID-19 virus, its transmission, and the vaccination measures against it. Statistics and infection rates clearly show one thing: that it’s time we learned not to politicize science-based things because there are different discussions that we need to have to conclude something.


Join Dr. Jade on this episode of the Next Level Human podcast as he dismantles the chain of myths surrounding the virus. Today you’ll learn how sleep, stress, and unwanted sugar intake affect your natural guard against the virus and what practices, medications, and foods you could take to lower your risk of being severely affected by the virus. He explains why sanitation, social distancing, and stopping the spread are critical as well as information about the different types of masks, the purpose of vaccinations, and the dangers of not taking these things seriously. Stay tuned to learn more about wellness during the times of the virus!


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