Covid Update: Science, Vaccine and Variants - Ep. 125

More than one and a half years have passed since the world began facing a contagious and unknown virus; not only affecting people’s health conditions, but also people’s opinions on several matters. The debate now is about the pros and cons of taking the vaccine or not taking the vaccine for this virus. While part of society trusts in science and looks only at the data, the other half believes that being immune goes way beyond simply taking a vaccine shot.

In this episode of the Next Level Human podcast, Dr. Jade gives you a complete overview of the current situation of COVID in the world, how the new variants can be taken into account, what science has to show in terms of data, and why the debate on pro-vax versus anti-vax is so polarized right now. Dr. Jade also explains that every decision comes with consequences, and whether you are on one side of the debate or the other, you will eventually deal with them.

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