Continuous Glucose Monitoring with Dr. Casey Means - Ep. 124

In this day and age, it is crucial to know how well we can take care of our bodies and which markers we can look into in order to do that. One of the main aspects responsible for our health is glucose. Our glucose levels can teach us a lot about our nutrition habits, sleeping habits, recovery and overall health. Learning how to optimize and understand our glucose levels is one step further to living a better life.

In this episode of the Next Level Human podcast, Dr. Jade talks with Dr. Casey Means, co-founder of Levels, to discuss how glucose levels directly impact our health and how our lifestyle and daily activity also have a role in this. Dr. Casey dives into the topic of fasting and its correlation with glucose, the difference between glucose spikes after meals and after exercise, the effect of sleeping habits, recovery, and common stressors on our glucose levels, and much more! 

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