Confident Detachment with Emily Gough – Ep. 132

Join Dr. Jade Teta and Emily Gough in this episode of the Next Level Human podcast as they talk about confident detachment and the idea of controlling only what is in our power to control. The concept of confident detachment involves being aware that how you organically show up in a relationship can be different from how other people show up, and managing your expectations about it to not be frustrated is the first step to preserving yourself and your emotions.

Emily, who is a Coach, Speaker, and host of the Room to Grow™ podcast, also talks about the distinction between a person, who is romantically involved with someone, having needs (in the sense of wants and desires) and being needy (being overly connected and not functioning alone). In addition, you will learn that we are all multidimensional beings living multidimensional lives so it’s important to eliminate expectations coming from other people because what they do and how they behave is a sole responsibility.

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