Authentic Conversion: Building an Organic Six-Figure Fitness Business with Nicole Spencer - Ep. 78

Diving into one of the key jobs as a Next Level Human of earning, managing, and saving money Dr. Jade sits down with his good friend Nicole Spencer. Nicole comes from a strong online fitness presence on social media, an established business owner, and master of finance and money. Jade and Nicole laugh over how far she has come in such a short time but take the conversation very seriously in how they share her trade secrets and inside scoop on successfully scaling an online business.

Learn the key strategies such as:
  • Why and how to create content that grows those business profits
  • The types of content you need to be creating to get an ROI (no more confusion about what to publish and market online, and no more wasted efforts or time!)
  • The RIGHT platforms to post your content on (goodbye, social media posting with no new clients. Hello, new lead flow!)
  • How to create videos that sell and what to put in them (welcome to easy content creation that gets you seen AND paid!)
  • How to identify your soulmate client and identify which platform they are on, so you can target them with your AMAZING content and gain clients


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