Professional Coaching & Consulting Membership

Dr. Jade Teta's Professional Membership

A group coaching and consulting mentorship for professionals in the health, fitness, coaching, and weight loss fields.  Direct ongoing access to me and my professional peers. I am excited to be able to work with you.

Does This Sound Like You?

Tell me if this sounds like you. This is a real DM I received months back. "I have been following you for a while, read several of your books, listen to your podcast, etc. Here's my problem. I have the skills. I consider myself a well-educated and knowledgeable professional in what I do (It's female hormones. I have your certification by the way). I struggle with three things:  need a mentor (someone I can continue learning from), I need business help and support (truthfully I don't have a lot of people in my world who understand what it means to run a practice and the stress of that), and I need help with cases (sometimes you just can't get the results you know?). I have asked several times by sending emails to your staff so now I am just sending a DM. Any chance you have any services you offer to help? A mentorship perhaps? Keeping my fingers crossed."

This is not an uncommon message I get from professionals. Let's face it, there is a lot of noise, a lot of competition, and a lot of frustration. We need help with stubborn clients, we would like a supportive community, and we would love a business mentor, heck, or even just a friend to talk shop with. And of course, we can't just spend thousands of dollars a month for these types of services. We know we need a coach, mentor, and supportive community but most of them are out of reach, am I right?

I have done mentorships in the past, but they were beyond the reach financially for most professionals.  This is why I created the Coaching & Consulting Membership for professionals. I have now certified thousands of professionals in my methods over the last 15 years. I am now developing a new coaching certification after spending a decade refining the Next Level Human coaching model. If you are anything like me you realize that a true coach in this space must be a master of lifestyle, but even more than that a damn Jedi in mindset. 

I know you need help in the areas of continuing education, business mentorship, and community. And I know you need it to be reasonable as you build your business. This is what this service is. By creating a community, the price of my time and effort is spread across all members allowing for more affordable access. It is a win-win situation. You get the research updates you want and need, business coaching and insight, and client help. You will even get my certifications and access to one on one calls each at a huge discount as a member of this group. The group size is limited to make sure you get the attention you need.


What You Get

Coaching, mentoring, and consulting group. This membership allows professionals to work with Dr. Jade directly on an ongoing basis. Help with business, client/patient cases, upgraded education, updated research, and community collaboration. Think of it like a virtual clinic with grand rounds covering business, client cases, and the latest research in the areas of mindset, muscle, and metabolism. 

You get

  • Exclusive Community: a platform where you can engage with, collaborate and learn with other professionals as well as Dr Jade.
  • Monthly Lives & Office Hours: Dr. Jade holds periodic live group coaching calls throughout the month to answer questions as well as holds regular office hours for direct help and access when needed.
  • Clinical Grand Rounds: Sit in on case discussion with Jade & colleagues
  • Research Reviews: Monthly research updates
  • Member Library: Access to Dr. Jade's library of lay-person and professional programs.
  • 30% off course certifications
  • Dr. Jade AI Bot: 24-7 access to an AI system trained on all of Dr. Jade's content over his entire career. Ask Dr. Jade anything at any time you need to.
  • First access, exclusive content, and member discounts on future programs and products
  • Locked-in rate. Your rate does not change as long as you are an active member
  • ** Note** This product is designed for patient help, business coaching, and continuing education. It is NOT meant for personal healthcare questions, treatment, and support. Please add Dr. Jade's Weight Loss & Metabolism Clinic if you are looking for healthcare consulting on your personal health issues.


Pay What You Can

Suggested amount $100


Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Jade's professional membership is designed as a hybrid of services coaches need, including business mentorship, patient/client help, continuing education, and a peer community. The major problem with most mentorship-style services is the cost and access. The cost is prohibitive and access is limited to weekly or monthly calls and mostly group-based help. But what happens when you need more access specific to your challenges and needs? By giving an affordable membership option that allows for multiple interaction points (live calls, Q&A, Office Hours, and feed-based interactions) the cost is spread out and shared among members. When one-on-one time is required these calls can be easily scheduled at a much reduced rate. 

The cost of membership is a "pay what you can" model. You may pay as little or as much as you like. The suggested price is $100.  If you can contribute more, you will be supporting those who are unable to pay at this time. Every few months or so we will request another "pay what you can amount." This is a way for all to benefit and contribute according to their ability.

One of the major frustrations for professionals is being able to keep up with everything. We can all easily get lost in the deluge of information. Dr Jade's professional membership is about the art and the science. You will get access to how he, and his peers, work to individualize protocols with patients/clients (the art). And, you will also get relevant science posts that help refine your coaching practice (the science). And, of course, the major thing we all need is the ability to ask questions about the obstacles we are encountering in our practice in real-time. There is also access to Dr. Jade's course library and steep discounts on certification courses for members.


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