The Journey

An Immersive, Life-Altering Experience by Next Level Human

 "True change requires a psychological death every bit as permanent as a physical one.  That’s why people struggle to change. It’s not the inability to change, but rather the overwhelming fear of giving up the parts of themselves they know so well." -- Dr. Jade Teta

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It's Not What Happened To You, It's The Story You Told Yourself About What Happened

A massive education into the practice of Story Altering, Written Exposure Therapy & Self Authoring. Get ready to elevate and evolve with cutting-edge psychology science & ancient philosophy practices

It's Not Everything Happens For A Reason, It's Things Happen & You Make A Reason.

It's called radical responsibility & extreme ownership. You will engage in a heroes journey initiation and ritual facilitated by altered perceptual states facilitated by fasting, visualization, exposure therapy and parts integration.

It's Not Leap and The Net Will Appear, It's Leap and Weave The Net As You Fall.

In order to change the brain must see you take action. You will learn the Next Level Human cognitive behavioral therapy technique called the Fear PR. This tool will make you more courageous and turn failure into fuel for growth. It will turn your traumas to fuel to heal yourself and others

What Happened Was Meant To Be The Beginning,
Not The End

You are not your past. Your mistakes need not be your identity. Regret is optional. It’s a simple choice. You either identify with your mistakes or you identify with the lessons you learned from those mistakes. You can stay stuck in regret and shame or you can elevate to gratitude & growth. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or says. Simply commit to benevolent action informed by your pain. That is the redemption story— the most beautiful story any human can live.

But How?

I messed up. I was a coward. A devious, manipulative asshole. I had deep shame around this. I saw myself as a coward, false, the incarnation of everything I thought I wasn’t and never wanted to be.

I cheated on my wife. And I enabled the woman I had an affair with, since she was also married, to cheat on her husband. It was all my fault. You know what the worst part is? I was so selfish and uncaring I used my wife twice.

When I found out the woman I had an affair with was now having a third affair (now cheating with a third man in the mix), I felt betrayed and hurt. It devastated me so much so I needed support. So guess who I leaned on? My wife. I came clean. Not to be honest, but because I needed her.

What kind of devious, manipulative asshole does that?

Your Pain

But this is not about my mistakes, dysfunctions, pain and frustrated dreams, it’s about yours.

I tell you about mine so you can see I know the shame you feel. I feel the pain of not being chosen and the guilt of my lies, mistakes and missteps.

I understand betrayal from three sides. I betrayed another. I was betrayed by another. Most importantly I betrayed myself.

If you are here I know you have deep pain too. The pain of a mistake. The rejection and hate of oneself. The worthlessness feeling of not being chosen. The helplessness of not sticking up for yourself or protecting someone you loved. The murder of your innocence. The feeling of no sense of safety or security. The inability to trust yourself or others. The fear that is still ferociously alive all these years later.


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I know your suffering

I know your suffering, because I know my own. And I know the suffering of countless others. Because after my pain, and the six years of the dark walk of my soul, I uncovered something that freed me. And since then I have helped countless others emerge from their pain as well.

This thing I discovered was so counterintuitive and against every single intuitive bone in my body, that to this day I’m still not sure how it came to me.

What did I discover? That our suffering is not really suffering. Not in  the way we think. You see, there is the thing we did or the thing that happened, and then there is the story we told about what happened. And that story is not a story that stands alone. It is a narrative built on top of other narratives. These are psychological writings deep in our unconscious. They form a bedrock from which all other stories spring.


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Seed Stories

I call them seed stories. These seed stories germinate and become the soil for all other stories we tell. The quality of our lives, and the ability to heal from our suffering, whether self-imposed or perpetrated on us by another, is determined by the quality of our stories.

What I discovered is that the techniques our culture uses to try to heal our damaged souls is no better than trimming hedges. If you have an invasive weed in your garden, you don’t simply trim it, you must pull it out by the roots. More than that, you must plant something deeper, healthier and more useful in its place otherwise it will dominate once more.

The counterintuitive part is that the weeds cannot be completely rooted out, they must be integrated into the garden.

That’s what will free you. That’s what I discovered. It’s integration not destruction or denial. It’s using suffering as a source of growth. It’s using the hurt to help others. It’s understanding pain is a path to purpose.


The Next Level Human Journey

The Next Level Human Journey teaches how to integrate pain by changing the seed stories we tell. This is the only thing that can ever free you.

That deep sorrow? The dreams that recur? The shame? The utter confusion, disappointment, anger and anguish? These are not things to deny. They are things to use. When you change the soil they fester in, they can no longer continue to exist.

Through a 4-day process of perception change, this is what The Next Level Journey does. It is more of a journey within than it is an outward journey. In order to be successful, you must master six aspects of your psychology. Like much of life, these six things move in step wise fashion, each building on the other. They are as much ancient wisdom as they are cutting-edge science. In fact transpersonal psychology, my field of study, shows us that we are connected in consciousness to others and the world at levels that must be uncovered and revealed. When they are, the wisdom revealed to us is not merely our own, but flows from the common experience of us all. The image here depicts the steps and complete process at a glance.

"This was, by far and hands down, the most impactful, life-changing, healing and motivating event I have ever attended"
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The Journey Begins

The Journey initiation happens across four transformational days. It uses a special combination of fasting, walking and plant medicine. All this is designed to open up the subconscious conduit to perception. This is the first step in the journey and where our invisible seed stories live. These techniques are combined with cutting-edge insights, written exposure therapy, meditation and guided visualization. And most importantly an immersive, real-world experience of “be it until you see it.”

When the brain sees you doing something in the real world, it forever changes how it sees your place in that world. That crack in the psyche is what finally frees you.

The Next Level Human Journey is like no other experience you have ever had. The techniques come from state of the art psychology science, ancient shamanic wisdom, the metaphysics of idealist philosophy and the clinical knowledge and personal experience of Dr Jade Teta.

The Cost Of Changing Your Life 

To get this education would take years of trial & error, independent study, and the help of countless health professionals. Even then you would need to make sense of it, internalize it and apply what you learned.  It would cost tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars. You have probably already been trying this path. Where has it gotten you? Counseling, hypnosis, drugs, meditation, supplements, spiritual treatments, plant medicine  and on and on. Years lost, thousands spent and little relief for your effort.

The Journey will not cost you ten years and tens of thousands. It won’t even require a year or ten thousand dollars.

So what does the journey cost?

Just $5,000.00!!

But you won't pay that either. This 4-day immersive experience in the magic of Asheville NC takes place at my home in an intimate experience of no more than 15 people. It is a one-of-kind experience offered for a limited time at a limited price. 

Your cost is $3K

(or Join The Virtual Course For Just $350)

Your gain? Release from suffering, integration of your wounds, emotional freedom and clarity of purpose.

You can keep going at it alone, or you can learn the way it’s really done.

It won’t be easy. That’s because Easy is earned. But I will be with you every step of the way. Four days is all that is required for the rest of your life.

Now you have a choice to make. You either stay stuck in pain, anguish and confusion—a mere shell of your potential— or you take the step to free your mind, elevate your spirit and shed the wounds for good.

This is your invitation. Waste no more time, Start the journey now.

Still have questions? Simply scroll down to the FAQ, send us an email at [email protected] or send us a text 310-490-3396.

Join The Virtual Journey 12/15 to 12/17
Join The Virtual Journey 1/5 to 1/7

Testimonials For The Journey

See What Others Have To Say About The Experience

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"It's wild how much it impacted me and how it's changed the way I interact with and respond to people and situations"

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"This was, by far and hands down, the most impactful, life-changing, healing and motivating event I have ever attended"

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"It has been amazing to hear the positive changes that my fellow participants have continued to experience all these weeks later"

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The Journey is a unique experience designed at every level to help you break into your new, Next Level Self.

Your brain is watching an judging all of the time. It judges you the same way you judge others, only more harshly. If it sees you talking and not doing, it knows you're not serious. If it sees you only dipping your toes in the water of change it judges you as "full of shit."

There are only two ways to get the brain to work in your favor. Slow, consistent steady behaviors until the brain catches on... or massive, uncomfortable and all-at-once change.

The Journey is the latter.  It is a "lightning strike" escape into a new reality. It is designed to give your body and brain an entirely new environment so it can't grasp onto anything familiar. This is why it is such a powerful change event.

This event is constructed and designed at every level to reshape your body and reprogram your brain.

You will shed physical pounds and emotional weight. You will be challenged to erase old stories and write new narratives of meaning and purpose.

Here are the details in a nutshell:

  • The purpose curriculum. Understanding how your Passions, your People, your Powers, your Pain, and your Perceptions created the person you think you are. By integrating these elements more consciously, we help start the process of becoming your Next Level Self.
  • 6 to 8 hours of slow, relaxing "walking meditation" each day (substantial "accidental weight loss" is not uncommon. Up to 11 pounds of fat!)
  • Deep psychological classroom work in mindset and behavior change
  • Optional modified fasting between 300-800 calories per day (expect 5-11 pounds of accidental fat loss)
  • Written exposure therapy to erase old stories and integrate old wounds
  • Purpose-potential visualization to prime new stories
  • Immersive, real-world experiences to "be it until you see it."
  • Optional plant medicine to prime your perceptual awareness for change
  • Consciousness studies and emotional alchemy education to release old identities, emotions and obstacles and achieve emotional control, freedom and regulation.
  • 4 full days of integrating your past life to construct your future Next Level Self
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Deep Mental Work

Each day we will deep dive into your past. You will learn one of the most powerful tools for rewiring trauma and moving past old wounds; Written Exposure Therapy (WET). You will never look at what happened the same again.

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Walking Meditation

The rhythmic plodding of walking in nature enhances blood flow to the brain and body liberating physical and psychological weight. You will immerse yourself in the forest in the ancient practice of Shinrin Yoku (Japanese forest bathing)

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Community Connection

Just as humans require time alone, we require time with other humans. The Journey brings you back to the experience of your younger years when the connection to people was easy due to proximity, shared experience, and common goals. 

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Reflective Integration

Time alone is imperative to reflect on the stories you have been living and begin to create new possibilities for being. You will learn a powerful method of of manifestation visualization, the same one Dr. Jade Teta has used on himself and countless coaching clients.


Join The Virtual Journey 12/15 to 12/17
Join The Virtual Journey 1/5 to 1/7