Weight Loss & Metabolism Concierge Clinic

Dr. Jade Teta's Virtual Clinic

A concierge consulting clinic for clients and patients looking for cutting-edge assistance in the science, art, and practice of metabolic restoration, physical transformation, and functional medicine. This is the only way to become a patient of Dr. Jade

Does This Sound Like You?

Does this sound like you? "I just want a doctor who is a true expert in this area. I have been looking forever, and every time I think I find someone who can help they are not taking patients. And even when they are, the prices are so high I can't afford but a few visits."

Or maybe this? "I have been doing everything right and I am still not getting results. What gives?"

I get it, and this is why I started this clinic. Here's what you probably don't know. There are two types of doctors, healers & educators. Almost invariably you either get one or the other. Of course, what you really want and need is both. There's just one issue, doctors who excel in the clinic and in education are rare and in high demand. They often abandon the clinic altogether or charge exorbitant prices because their time is more valuable elsewhere. Of course, this leaves you, the patient out in the cold.

That's why the concierge consulting model works. It allows the doctor to spread the cost of services across a membership group. This allows every member to get access at a cheaper rate. It also allows the doctor to spend time on the more efficient process of consulting and teaching in group settings rather than one-on-one. This allows for more efficient use of time and adequate incentives. It's a win for the doctor and a win for you. And of course, this also frees up one-on-one consults when required, because not all members will need it.

This is what a concierge consulting clinic is all about. A small community of members get near limitless weekly access to their healer/teacher doc in an efficient and cost-effective way.

What You Get

Dr. Jade's Metabolism & Weight Loss Clinic works via a concierge model. A monthly fee allows you direct access to Dr. Jade & staff on a regular basis. 

You get

  • Exclusive Community: a platform where you can engage with other patients/clients as well as Dr Jade and his staff.
  • Monthly Lives & Office Hours: Dr Jade goes live periodically throughout the month to answer questions.
  • Clinic Access: Members get access to Dr Jade through his clinic at half his rate for a visit ($2600 savings based on 12 visits a year)
  • Member Library: Access to Dr. Jade's entire library of workouts & programs. (over $1,000 value)
  • Dr. Jade AI Bot: 24-7 access to an AI system trained on all of Dr. Jade's content over his entire career. Now you can ask Dr. Jade anything at any time you need to.
  • Access to professional supplements
  • Access to prescriptions (only for California & Washington State Residents)
  • First access, exclusive content, coupon codes, and member discounts



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