PCOS Symptoms? Want to know the cause?

It is not what you think it is. That is why PCOS is so difficult to treat and deal with.

If you are like most people, your doctor has probably said PCOS is about your ovaries and the hormones it produces.

Maybe you have heard that a lack of progesterone and an excess of estrogen has negatively impacted key metabolic hormones like the thyroid? That is true, and it may be the reason you feel so tired, but it is an effect of the condition, rather than the cause of the problem. The cause is something else.

You may have also heard it is more about your pancreas. Did your doctor tell you that you are overproducing insulin and have developed insulin resistance and that is what is causing the high testosterone and weight issues?

This too is true, but again it is not the major factor. It is a symptom of a deeper dysfunction.

The Real Cause Of PCOS

The real cause of PCOS is your brain, and the first step to beating this condition is understanding that.

It's unfortunate that the condition is called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, because truthfully the cyst formation is really just a symptom (if it happens at all) of the condition. The real acronym for PCOS should be Pressure, Complexity and Overwhelm Syndrome.

In other words, PCOS is about stress. I am not just talking about psychological angst and upset, but rather metabolic stress. Things like hormone disruptors in the environment, down-regulation of receptors for estrogen and progesterone in the brain due to excess insulin or cortisol, dysfunction in ovarian hormone signaling and more.

If I am completely honest medicine really does not know the exact cause of PCOS. It is likely coming from more than one place. It could be coming from diet, it could be coming from stress, and it probably has a small genetic component. We certainly know that hormones in the environment are playing a role too.

But I want you to forget all of that for a minute and just focus on your brain and its ability to listen and respond to the key metabolic hormones (insulin, cortisol, thyroid hormone, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone).

The Fix

The first step is getting the brain back online.


I want you to think about that for a second. Does metformin do that? No! Does progesterone therapy do it? No! Do any of the common conventional medicines help with this "brain issue?" The answer is no.

To be clear, they can be useful, but they can't solve the issue because they are not aimed at the underlying cause.

There is a way to fix this though. It is through a combination of diet, exercise, lifestyle, supplements and, at times, drugs like metformin or hormones like progesterone.

But the diet, exercise and lifestyle changes should not involve going super extreme. For instance, going to a very low carb diet can actually make things worse.

It also does not mean doing crazy amounts of exercise. This can also backfire. And it certainly does not mean taking 10-15 different natural health supplements.

What it actually requires

What PCOS actually requires is a smarter approach. You need enough carbs but not too many. You really need to understand your individual tolerance.

You need to watch your fat intake and be aware of endocrine disrupting compounds in the environment.

You must also engage in the type of exercise that restores stress hormone function and gets the body back to being sensitive to insulin.

You also should use certain supplements that mimic the healthy activities of estrogen and progesterone to get the brain responding again.

For a more detailed education on this and to start you off on a good footing, I want you to watch the video below. It will give you an overview of PCOS and also show you just a hint into our new PCOS program.


The New PCOS Program

I also want to give you a special opportunity to get involved with our PCOS program.

PCOS is a complex condition and normally requires a lot of interaction with a physician. Most people think it cannot be dealt with in a DIY (do it yourself) online program.

They are wrong and let me tell you why. About nine months ago I got an email from someone who had taken our Metabolic Effect Diet Program and our Stress Diet Program.

She happened to have PCOS. What she shared with me is that she followed the Metabolic Effect Diet Program to dial in the correct diet, and then she added in some of the elements of the Stress Diet Program along with some of the supplements she heard me talk about on a webinar.

Having done all this, in a three-month period she was able to lose over twenty pounds, have her thyroid levels normalize, her testosterone levels drop and she became largely symptom free of many of her issues.

She even said that her "barrel chested look" (her words not mine), was significantly reduced. She lost over 5 inches around her waist!! She said she was looking like a woman again.

So after hearing this I decided to take the best elements from The Metabolic Effect Diet, The Stress Diet and my clinical knowledge on the subject and put it into an online education program.


Basically I combined the elements she used to get such benefit. And honestly, it was not just about her. When I heard her story I realized her DIY approach is EXACTLY the approach I have used in the clinic with great success for years.

You have an incredible opportunity to learn from this program and receive an education that most conventional and alternative medicine practitioners just can't deliver.

If you already know this program is for you than you can go ahead and purchase the program at the link below. But if you still need a little more background on what the Metabolic Effect clinic can offer check out the next several blogs on PCOS.

I think you will find the education enlightening to say the least.


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