Metabolic Physique Conditioning & Metabolic Chains: How To Lecture

Metabolic Physique Conditioning is a unique form of training developed by Metabolic Effect. The system attempts to bridge the gap between metabolic conditioning (great at fat loss, less good at muscle gain) and training for physique development (good at muscle gain, less useful for fat loss).

As many in the world of fitness and weight loss know, the body adheres to the law of metabolic multitasking. In other words, it is not very good at building muscle and burning fat at the same time. In all but beginners, the body would prefer to be either anabolic (build muscle and fat, i.e. bulking) OR catabolic (burning fat and muscle, i.e skinny fat). This leads too many exercisers frustrated with either a "bulking" effect OR a skinnier and flabbier look.

In order to burn fat exclusively, the body must be in a caloric deficit AND have the correct hormonal balance. In order to build muscle the body must be in caloric excess with the correct hormonal balance. The most critical aspect of this is nutrition. Improper nutrition is the major reason people don't achieve their body change goals.

While this system of exercise is not the most effective means of achieving fat loss OR muscle gain, it is devastatingly effective when attempting to do both. When in a caloric excess this training helps the body build muscle while eliminating or reducing any fat gains. In a caloric deficit, it helps the body maintain muscle and burn fat exclusively. When nutrition is tailored and timed with these workouts, body change (i.e. fat loss and muscle gain) is easier.

This system of exercise helps bridge the gap between the world of metabolic conditioning and the world of bodybuilding and physique development. It is a system that combines the best of both worlds in an attempt to overcome, or at least blunt, the law of metabolic multitasking.

Here are a few other resources to go along with the free video below: 1) The Metabolic Chain Workout 2) 5 Metabolic Workouts That Get Results

We hope you enjoy this free education.

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