The Metabolic Foundations Course

Leading Certification For Practitioners of Hormonal Fat Loss


When most people think of the metabolism & weight loss, they think it works like this:

Reduce Calories --------> Lose Weight --------> Have A Balanced Metabolism

That's wrong and backwards. Here is how it really works:

Get A Balanced Metabolism --------> Automatically Eat Less --------> Lose Weight For Good

A Masterclass in Hormonal Metabolism

biochemistry, endocrinology & clinical fat loss tools

Metabolism Deep Dive

Learn in-depth, masters-level biochemistry and nutritional science to work with the metabolism rather than against it. Your knowledge will surpass most doctors

Advanced Clinical Tools

Master advanced clinical protocols that deliver results. Receive tested frameworks your patient/clients can easily incorporate. Deliver sustainable results

Fat Loss Endocrinology

Understand the major hormones in the body. How they impact hunger, energy and cravings. How to evaluate and manipulate them with lifestyle & supplements

Your Instructor

Dr. Jade Teta 

  • Naturopathic Physician
  • Integrative Endocrinology
  • 15 years natural medicine
  • 25 years personal Training
  • 7 Books
  • 12 Year recovering donut addict
  • Contributor Textbook Of Natural Medicine
  • Contributor Textbook Integrative Sexual Health
  • Founder of Metabolic Effect
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